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Maria Sinnott, Iwi Forestry Consultant

Maria is of Ngati Tuwharetoa descent. She has a science background and has been involved in a variety of relationship management roles. Maria’s forestry interests through her whanau give her an appreciation of the issues involved. Her focus is building understanding of individual iwi needs so that she can source best assistance. Maria can be contacted on 027 647 8400.
Graham West, Independent Forestry Consultant

Graham provides transaction support to farm foresters and small forest investors. As a forest technologist for over forty years, he brings a deep and diverse experience to forestry transactions. Whether you are preparing your forest for sale, completing vendor due-diligence or negotiating through a transaction Graham’s experience in forest technology, forest management, land use science and economic modelling provide support for maximizing sale outcomes. He has been running his own small farm and forestry joint venture for the last 25 years and uses a practical and commercial approach to helping you on ForestX. Graham can be contacted on 027 441 0353.
Scion Research, Forest Description Reports

Scion draws on models and knowledge collated after decades of forestry research in New Zealand to produce Forest Description Reports for forests listed on These reports provide a statement of expectation. While every forest is different and eventually needs to be assessed by visiting the site, Scion’s models use climate and infrastructure information available for the site to estimate what should be expected from a well-managed forest that grew under those specific conditions. The report also assesses risk factors, such as fire and wind, and provides information of other forest resources and the saw mill and export markets in the region. Contact Carel Bezuidenhout at Scion on 021 261 1746 for more information.

Buying and selling forests is a technical exercise that requires many assumptions about uncertain future events. By consulting professionals, including a registered forestry consultant, your accountant and your solicitor you can take a systematic approach to the decisions you will have to make.

If you have a technical forest issue we suggest you follow this link to a local member of the NZ Institute of Forestry.

If you need market assistance, please email us at or call us during New Zealand business hours on +64 4 390 1700. We will be pleased to assist you.

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